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Mesotherapy has a variety of applications, including overall weight loss, localized fat reduction on face and body, cellulite reduction, stretch marks, reduce hormonal fat accumulation due to menopause or weight gain, post- surgical lymphatic drainage and facial contouring and rejuvenation. Get Thin Treatments is unique in its approach to mesotherapy in that it uses homeopathic as opposed to synthetic products. The use of homeopathic products reduces common side effects associated with synthetic mesotherapy. Mesotherapy offers a holistic approach for body & face contouring. May be combined with other treatments.


Mesotherapy is ideal for breaking down localized fat areas in clients with loose/lax skin. A combination (cocktail) of skin tightening agents and fat burning agents can be injected directly into the area of concern to achieve both tightening and fat reduction. Cavitation can be used on areas that are firm, but must be avoided on lax skin. Radiofrequency is highly recommended for these clients, as it expands collagen fibers thus tightening the skin. RF Vacuum Therapy is advised to provide drainage as well as tightening benefits. Depending on the clients individual lax condition, consider recommending RF vacuum every 2 weeks after every other cavitation session. Compression garments are not only recommended but highly advised for these clients.

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